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East Meon, Hampshire, England, UK
"Attachment leads to suffering."Gautama Buddha (via kushandwizdom)

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“I had to get Blue Ivy out of the house. Kanye showed up at like 6am wearing a bathrobe and two pairs of sunglasses, ranting about how Game of Thrones was guilty of copyright infringement because he thought he’d gotten a copyright on the word ‘Throne…’ I don’t.. I don’t even recognise my life anymore.”

I like to imagine that in the sitcom that is Jay and B’s life, Kanye is basically Roger from Sister, Sister.

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"One thing I’ve learnt is that you should never look back, the past is dead and buried, you get nothing from living there, it’s all about today. but I’ve been having these dreams, in them nothing is real, nothing is solid; everything is fantasy, fucked. An illusion. In these dreams I’m a life that’s already gone by. Today means nothing, today is just a ghost that’s haunting me. I’m at the end of the world on the edge of things and I think about letting go. I think about falling. My name is James Cook, I did something once and my ghost won’t let me forget it. “

James Cook
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I look like the moon🌚 #facemask #pamper #moon #feelssogood
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Could drink this all day every day 
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Salted caramel and ganache tartlets🍫 #saltedcaramel #ganache #chocolate #confectionary #confectionary #baker #nbs
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These look like really yummy doughnuts but they aren’t, they’re really gross biscuits that shouldn’t exist 🍪 #gross #biscuits #chocolate #confectionary #nbs #nationalbakeryschool
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